Very thankful that my husband's job change has led to more family time than we ever have had before. (We used to have only 2 days off a MONTH together, now we have much more.) So today I did something I never get a chance to do. I had a solo date with Audra. 

We did all of her favorite things.

We went to the library and I read her whatever she wanted me to, with no waiting in between books.

We went out for ice cream.

We saw the kitties at the shelter.

She dressed up in whatever remotely old fashioned stuff she could find at the thrift shop, she roamed around and talked to people in full costume AND fully in character.

We went to the beach, just the two of us.  She wanted to play 'stranded on the island', so we did.  She was the mother, I was the child. I was to call her 'mother dear'. She collected clam shells for our meals.  We're thankful we were rescued.

On a scale of 10, my date with her was a 12! 

Of course, I let her take home her thrifted dress (with puffed sleeves) and her long gloves. $8.00 for the set.

And of course I picked up some treasures for the crew. Books, Peter Rabbit puppet paperdolls.  Bible Outburst (which Adrian is amazing at). $6.00

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