I must admit, summer wears me out. Not only do I have the added pressure of the garden/produce (pressure that I've created for myself) in addition to the housework (that I'm failing miserably at) and the animals (some poop could definitely be scooped), but also every festival you can think of is in the thick of summer!  And of course I'm a working mama, so that too. I'm trying to be diligent, but the truth is, it's hard to do everything well.

I need to remember I live in a place where there are seasons and it's okay that this is the season of cramming in warm weather fun. It's okay I didn't sweep/clear the clutter/grocery shop because memories were being made. Before I know it, it will be fall and our routine will steadily be in gear. Then winter and then spring.  There is plenty of time ahead for a tidy house.

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For now, I'm going to ignore my house, tend my gardens, make memories with my kids. The housework will be there next season, but the opportunity to take a dip in the Atlantic will not.


  1. Oh, yeah!!! I'd say your priorities are in the right place! ENJOY!!!

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