Flower Challenge

One quirk about me is I always have flowers on the table. I treat myself in the winter and grow my own in the summer.  Audra is my fellow floral lover.  She keeps our vases in steady supply.  Audra and I challenged ourselves to share our flowers more often this year. We're aiming for 10 times and we're going to try to remember to keep track. 

The first round went to the nursing home. (It's so easy to arrange at the nursing home because the two we have gone to have had a whole collection of vases you can use there).  We left with ten tables looking summery.
 (In her mama made skirt <3)

And the next share went to a co-worker.

We have more to do, Audra is game!

1 comment:

  1. Love your emphasis on serving others with what you have.

    I see a flower farmer in your future!



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