Cast Iron Makeover

Finally getting around to things I hoped to do ages ago.  Well over a decade this pot has sat here awaiting a makeover and the tea kettle was a Christmas gift from Audra 3 years ago. I wish I got a before/after pic of both of them, but the here's the before of the pot.  The kettle was more orange like rust than the pot on the inside. Both not in usable condition.
After.  And I'm totally sore from working on this, hours and hours of work! Not perfect, but it is now functional! 
And the hard work on the kettle here:
Two non functional pieces now functional! Why am I suddenly motivated to get all my cast iron in working condition?  Because I have a little goal this year.  I cook most things with wood on our wood cookstove (below).  This year I aim to develop my wood cooking skills out of doors. Open fire cooking, here I come! 

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