Winter Coastal Storm

 It seems like EVERYONE got snow today!  Folks North of us, South of us and West of us got pounded. 

We got rain.  Blah. Wind. Double blah.  The ocean was the angriest I have ever seen it, even at low tide. At high tide, it really wreaked havoc along the coast.  No plows for snow here, but they needed the plows to push back the rocks, sand and seaweed.  We went out gallivanting at low tide and there were puddles, lakes and rivers where there shouldn't be.  It seems that no roads were washed out completely around here, but the ocean enveloped some roads for a spell.  I even watched a video of where we regularly go in our town that a wave hit the actual telephone line, causing an explosion and I'm assuming many power outages.  I think the full moon is bothering the ocean.

This photo is from Goochs in Kennebunk at just about low tide. Pictures do not do this justice. There's another high tide coming up within the hour of writing this. Hoping the ocean decides to calm down. (Isn't there a meme that no one in history has calmed down when told to calm down?  Maybe the ocean can be the exception!)

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