Sunday vibes

 Would it really be a Maine winter Sunday without a meal cooked on and/or in the woodstove? Warm soup and homemade bread. Books by the fire a bonus.

Also made time for some mending.  See that fish flannel?  They were first LL Bean pajama pants for my husband, but got holes.  I then made them into pajama pants for Adrian. He has worn them a lot.  I have patched them twice already for Adrian. They no longer are suitable for pajama pants for him (goodbye knees!). But, I cut seven inch squares and turned two of those into reusable washcloth type cloths (which we use steadily here).  I was able to make seven.  I also used the elastic from the fish pants to replace the elastic in the frog pants (that I also made) that got too stretchy.  
Are we in a position that we financially need to be this frugal? No.  But, I like to be good stewards of that which we have. I prefer to not buy new as much as possible to lessen our footprint on this earth. Plus, I always tell them that the handmades that are sprinkled around the house are like little hugs I leave for them here and there. 

Some scraps also were for Anna-Kate.  I want to encourage her to cut anything other than her hair (which is why she now has bangs and short hair).

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