Random Musings

I am an always flowers on the table type of person. I am also cheap.  My paperwhites are on their last petals. Thankfully I pulled some forsythia inside the beginning of January.  Big bouquet of forced homegrown flowers in January for free? Yes please. This is the earliest I have ever forced blooms and I am glad I did! Time to pull another round in.

2) I am a big fan of the doublesized muffin pans.  In fact I am more willing to make muffins because there are only six giant holes to wash instead of 12 small ones. Totally makes a difference. Only want one muffin? Cut it in half. The giant muffin tin was a whopping $0.50.  My grandmother's recipe here.
3) I still have many sugar pumpkins and a wee bit of butternut squash I grew.  January treats. 
4) We're back to our Thursday homeschool gatherings, which we finish with some readings at the Maine Coast.  Because, why not?!

5) That Anna-Kate loves mama mades. Pig dress and flannel lined pants are both mama made.  <3  And you can't beat the view.  

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