The Blizzard

I love a good blizzard (provided we don't lose power, which we didn't!). I love a fresh blanket of snow. I think our house is most gorgeous with fresh snow.

I love a weekend of slow woodstove cooking. 
Long rising. (Except I could do without every article of clothing being wet by the fire...)
Mom's version of 'subway'. 
What's better than books by the fire?
In typical form, Adrian did a heck of a lot of work.
Audra worked on being the fastest cave digger.
And Anna-Kate mostly did her own thing inside.
Although the girls did get inspired to go on an 'old fashioned' adventure'. I think it took longer to get all the layers on than how long the adventure lasted.
We had to call them into dinner tonight. 

I love you, January snow....please don't go. We have so many snow adventures we are hoping to enjoy!

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