Anna-Kate LOVES going through the mail. For months she has claimed the SUBWAY fliers as her own. Really any junk mail, she claims as hers. She loves to fill out forms, cut out coupons, circle what she likes, X out what she doesn't. Subway has been her favorite for some time. Only she has never been to Subway. 

 We actually have a Subway only 2 1/2 miles from our home, and I'm counting at least five within 10-15 minutes of us, but we aren't out to eat type people.  Instead, I decided to buy sub supplies and have our own "Subway" at home. Anna-Kate finally had a chance to use her coupons!  This was an elaborate process. We had signage, a menu, workers, cash register, money, receipts...

They were over the moon that I bought stuff I hardly ever buy store bought bread, store bought pickles, chips, paper plates.  Funny how they celebrate over having the chance for store bought food and paper plates. Also, I do not ask about or cater to individual preferences for meals. I make the same meal for the family and you get what you get. If they want something specific, they can definitely help make that as a meal for our family at a different time, but I am not a short order cook each meal. For a special treat, though, sure! They LOVED selecting off the menu! 
I meant to get a picture of them consuming their 'take out', but they ate everything too fast...

They loved this so much, we may just have to do another restaurant! 

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