This thrift trip was FILLED with things that I had actually been looking for!  I had wanted a non disposable egg tray for our fridge eggs. $1.  One of those books was on my wish list ($1 a piece).  I literally had two travel speakers in my amazon cart, planned on asking my husband 'Which one?', and this one works perfectly for what I wanted it for ($1).  Audra has been asking for a snorkel set. This set was BRAND NEW for $10.  I wasn't really looking for the Nalgene in the carry case, but it was brand new w/ tags for $4. 

And I have been looking for a drying rack that would fit alllll our towels for the rainy summer swim days.  $7.  
Not only is it frugal to shop second hand, but most of this stuff I was going to buy new anyway. Saving the world by buying second hand. (At least that is what I tell my husband.)

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