Stop your fighting!

I cannot pretend I'm an expert at anything. I am someone who reads up, prays fervently, tries my darn hardest each and everyday.  Some days we have wonderful days.  Some days my efforts are all in vain and it seems as if my children are determined to eat each other (or me!) alive.  

Know what I have discovered?  That I have the power to either contribute to the chaos by losing my mind too...or offering an alternative in hopes to change the tide.  Know what consistently changes the tide around here?  Serving others.  I kid you not, my kids can be at each other one minute and then if I successfully introduce a new service project, can be united and embracing the same common purpose to do something kind for someone else next. 

 I recall two specific dates in December that were not good days, but did an about face with service projects.

I will spare you the details of the day, but spur of the moment we decided to make lunch for our neighbors, (And then go join them to eat it!). Kids helped with each step. Ended on a good note!
(As a bonus, I think our neighbors enjoyed the surprise too!)
And then on another day, the storm died down when they worked together to make car mats for their pal's birthday. 
(As a bonus, Ian was thrilled!)

I am giving all you mamas a virtual hug, because I am sure there are days when you would give anything for a moment of peace in your household too.  Parenthood isn't easy. Perhaps you can join me in this little challenge? Can things be turned around by introducing a service project?  I'm going to try to remember the times this worked and keep on keeping on....and I am encouraging you to do the same! 

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