Outdoor cooking

Our typical afternoon winter routine when we are home is taking an afternoon walk in the backyard with the dogs. 
Typically when we return, the kids just follow me inside.  I aim to have them be outside for at least 3 hours a day year round, but lately that hasn't been as easy. 
We are thankful our dads give us money for the family for Christmas.  We often use that money for classes for the kids, pool membership, fun family adventures.  This year, we decided to purchase a family activity...supplies to amp up our outdoor cooking potential. I restored a couple of pieces of cast iron we had (link here), freshly seasoned my existing cast iron and purchased this 6qt:
And this campfire swing:
Today I had no problems getting them to stay outside after getting some exercise.  Four hours outside on January 13th in Maine is pretty darn good.  (And we only came in because I had an appointment).  The kids made the fire on their own. 
We boiled water in the tea kettle Audra gave me that I restored (I think she paid $3 for it!). 

Hot cocoa.

Then I popped blueberry rhubarb crisp on the hook. I was going to have them make it, but we ran out of time and I just made it.  It is rhubarb they picked and froze last spring, however.

Since we had to wrap it up before it was done, I did finish the crisp in our gas oven inside (because a 6 qt. dutch oven will not fit in our wood cookstove), it was mighty tasty!  
The first of many more outdoor cooking adventures with our new supplies.  Thanks to the grandpas! 

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