Latch Hooked Rug

Memorial day 2011, I was at a huge garage sale put on by a church. I was buying some fabric.  A lady came up to me and said "Do you like to work on projects?".  Well, I guess you can say I do.  She said she had started this in the 70s, would never finish it and would rather it go to someone who would finish it rather than have it go to Goodwill. 

Well, this is the most time consuming project I've ever done in my life.  Wow, it took forever. It's 4 ft. by 6 ft. My dad teases me because I don't really have anyplace to put it in our house...but I really wanted to finish it regardless.  I have been consistently working on it since Memorial Day 2011.  Most every day I worked on this. This is the 2nd rug I've made (remember the Braided Rag Rug?).  Each rug I completed, I've vowed to not make another again.  We shall see if I am ever brave enough to try a 3rd. Here it is:

Here's my son's shoes so you can picture how big it really is.  No wonder it took ages!

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  1. You are crazy! That thing is huge!

  2. Wow! I use to do tiny latch hook projects when I was a kid so I can't imagine doing something this big. Good job!



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