Stop. Savor. Smile.

It was one of 'those' mornings. Not a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning.  A morning where no matter how hard I tried, I felt like I was a mouse spinning in a wheel.  Very busy, but going no where.  You know what I'm talking about.  

A morning such as this:  Clean up breakfast. Baby wants music on.  Get bread made and in oven. Baby pinched his fingers and needs snuggles.  Answer phone ringing off the hook. Put on frog boots.  Cat had a hairball.  Baby wants a hat.  Clean up mess from bread making.  Did I let the dog in?  Laundry in dryer.  Baby wants to dance more...put music on again.  Pets have no water. Change baby's shoes, per request.  Fire's almost out.  Woodbox empty. Go get some wood. Change baby's hat, per request.  Shoot, forgot to bring water to the chickens.  Baby wants different shoes.  It's almost snack time, what the heck am I going to make?  Mental note: make grocery list.  Baby is asking for the potty.  Books on the potty.  Bread timer ringing...need to get bread before it burns.  Be right back baby, sit still.  

And then I come back to this.  I just stopped.  I leaned against the door and I smiled.  I watched for a minute and then reached for the camera.  This is the type of moment I want to savor.  "Slow down, mama", I tell myself.  For I don't want to miss these precious moments. 

 Want to know what I did next?  I plopped myself down on the floor in the living room. I ignored the mess.  I read a dozen books and then played his favorite wooden fishing game.  And there were a few hugs and kisses thrown in the mix too.  This is what life is all about.
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  1. How precious is that..... Wish I looked that cute on the spotty :)

  2. Beautiful Jackie just beautiful.......



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