Thrifted Dollhouse

For the past 10 years, I've been keeping my eyes open for toy deals, especially after Christmas.  Christmas is when everyone purges to make room for their new toys.  Look in thrift stores and on Craiglist.  Stock up for next year for little to nothing.  You wouldn't believe the toys I have found!

I always wanted a dollhouse.  I had a cardboard one as a kid that was temporary until my dad made me a dollhouse.  He made my brother this barn, and promised my dollhouse would come.  Long story short, life happened, and although he's made me oodles of things, a dollhouse never triumphed the to do list.  And I never let him forget I asked for it for throughout high school and college.  

Well, for my 30th birthday, I finally got my dollhouse.  It's a Plantoys dollhouse and rooms of furniture that looked brand new. I love it!  A craigslist steal-$60 for almost $300 worth of stuff!  My little guy is just starting to play with it.  Did I mention I love it?! 

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