Basket Cover: January

I admit it.  I have an addiction.  To books.  Children's books in particular. I have hundreds of them, and I'm not even exaggerating. Luckily, my son's addiction is even more addictive than mine.  To the tune of reading 30+ books a day. 

I need a way to organize these books.  There's too many to have out all the time. Especially since my little guy could read the same book 30 times in one day. I had all of our Christmas books organized in a basket that I took out just for Christmas.  After Christmas I picked up that basket cover (that I did not make) with the books in it to store for next year.  And now there's a handy basket just wishing for a new set of books.
One of my crafty "to dos" is to improve my embroidery skills.  Remember this book I got?  It has oodles of embroidery stitches I'm itching to stitch. I decided to use the same basket, use the store bought basket cover to make a pattern, whip up extra covers and stitch away.  Here's our winter books and our new basket cover, mama made:

It folds over the basket and ties on the side.  Perfect, right?  I only have 10 more months that I am aiming to make.
I do sign myself up for some pretty intense projects, don't I?

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