Wool Felted Sweaters to a Soft Ball

One of my pals sent me a website that had this free pattern.  I thought it was a perfect way to use up some scraps from wool felted sweaters.  I was especially motivated to whip one up because my little one LOVES balls.  He keeps finding the hard wooden balls from the zig zag ball drop I made.  I hear "GO" and then crashing.  And then squealing.  Wow, we need more appropriate indoor balls.  Perfect solution right here.

It's a great project to have going when the little one wants you close, but is playing independently.  The results were well worth it.  I swear he played an hour with it.  I sort of went crazy with pictures.  I am the paparazzi and all, but jeesh. 

And my fave....following our dog...carrying the ball the same way Kammie carries her toys.

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