Re-Use Onesie to Puzzle Bag

I had two things on my to do list today:  

1) Make some bags to store puzzle pieces.  My little guy loves puzzles, but it's a pain to try to tote them along places without separate storage for the pieces.
2) Transform some onesies into T-shirts.  The shirts still fit, but he's too long for them with the snaps all fastened.  Besides, onesies are a pain taking on and off with a potty trained little boy.

I was going to do drawstrings or zippers for the bags...but then looked at the pile of snaps I had just removed.  It's not fancy or sewn up perfectly...but it's fully functional, which is what we needed.  I also sewed an open clear vinyl pocket to label what's in the bag.  Quick storage while re purposing something we had.  Hey, why not? 

Not the best quality pictures..but you get the drift.

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