Thrifted Turtle Coat=Love.

It's no secret my little guy has his own style.  Particularly with hats and boots, and now coats are added to that list.  I couldn't refuse this coat for $2.50 at a thrift shop last year.  It's "Squirt" from Finding Nemo.  I completely forgot about it, until he started to say "turtle" and pointing out turtles in books.  When I offer his winter coat, he puts it back and returns with his coat of choice, which lately has been his turtle coat. Although not dressed appropriately for a snowstorm, we've got style.

Signing and saying "SNOW".

This picture just makes me smile.
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  1. Have you guys read the book Turtle Splash! ? It is excellent and there are turtles on every page. Love your little guy. And love that you let him be himself.



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