Thrifted deals: Crafter's Choice. Plus Slippers.

This was a crafter's splurge!  A yard of boyish plaid.  8 zippers.  2 hoops (I can't seem to find mine).  2 kids patterns.  Two books.  And a new pair of blue suede slippers that are fuzzy inside.  That are three sizes too big.  But I couldn't resist them for $0.50.  Anyway, grand total was $6.00

But the real treat was the reaction from my little guy.  He immediately said "ooo!!!" with excitement when he saw those slippers.  Then he hugged them.  Then he wanted them on. He was so excited!  He didn't stand up for the longest time, as he kept admiring them and pointing to them. I had to get my camera.

Can't you see how his excitement radiates! 

But then, he wanted to walk in them.  Every time he took a step, they fell off.  Which made him MAD.  He'd put them on again (with help) and then they'd fall off.  He threw the biggest fit that they wouldn't stay on.  I tried to stuff them. I tried to put his regular slippers on first so they'd stay on.  But he was not into my tricks.  He wanted them to fit the right way. I'm a mean, mean mama and took a picture of the tantrum that went on and on because the slippers didn't fit. Fashion is very troubling. So they shall remain hidden until he grows.
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