Reminising...January 2010

I was going through my January 2010 photos, how fun it was having a 4 month old!  Here's my top pics, starting with my favorite:  The Tortoise and the Hare.  Wow, I miss those baby days.  So glad I'll be able to squeeze my next squishy baby in June.  Beautiful memories.

 My little man.
 BFFs. And loving those homemade little shoes.  They're reversible and made as a gift for us by one of my friends.
 First Snowshoe Summit!
 Close to mama, right where he belongs.
 Back in the day when they were pals.  Now my little guy chases this lazy cat around...who gets annoyed from all that unnecessary exercise. And the poor cat can't have a hairball little guy assumes the position adjacent Harley, pretending to have a hairball along with him. It's quite the scene.
 Love this sweater (thanks Amanda)!
Of course, I birthed a miniature of my husband.  They're both goofy and leave great messes for me to clean.
Mush mush.
 A handmade sweater my friend made for me.  Oh so soft.
 Another basket he'd no longer fit in.
 Slept through his first X Country ski adventure.
 And there's that smile that lights my heart.  How marvelous it is to be his mama!

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