Cozy Winter Maternity Shirt

My husband was lovingly teasing me about my maternity look.   As you mamas of more than one have realized, the belly pops much sooner the 2nd time around.  My regular cozy around the house clothes are a bit snug.  Thanks to some generous people, I've been given oodles of maternity clothes, but a limited selection of lounge around the house clothes. While I have some maternity yoga pants (love them!), I've been sporting my husband's large and cozy sweat shirts.  Real attractive, right?  Since I'm too cheap to buy lounge around the house shirts just for a brief maternity leave, I figured I'd create instead. I made this somewhat smaller at the top (although still roomy and comfy), but wider at the bottom to allow for the unavoidable expansion.  I know it's white and it may get dirty, but it's fleece and oh so cozy.
Since I'm working at improving my embroidery skills (which I think I stink at), I am monogramming lots of things. 
Not the best picture of mama, but I'm cozy.  And nothing's clinging to that baby bump. 
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