Just a bouquet...

Once we were out of debt (all consumer debt, including cars and student loans, which was our goal before we had kids), one of my splurges was having fresh flowers on the table, even through winter. In the summer, I've kept up with this since having a kid, which is easy because I'm an avid gardener (wrote about that here). For some reason, I haven't had any flowers in the house all winter.

For a change, my husband was with me at the grocery store as we hurriedly gathered the contents of our list.  As we went by the flowers, he stopped, grabbed my hand, pulled me back and said "pick one".  Oh, yes. What a splendid idea!  A great reminder to slow my hurried pace, appreciate the beautiful selection and take home something to brighten up our home in the midst of winter. 

Just a simple bouquet of white tulips was my choice.  I separated the bouquet into different vases.  In the middle of winter, these fresh beautiful blooms are so refreshing!  I appreciate them so much.  It's been a busy time in this house lately with many things we cannot control.  But these flowers slow me down and I stop and appreciate them as I move through these busy days. 

On our table, just as the sun is setting.
Tidying up after the rest of the house is sleeping.
And greeting me in the morning as the sun rises, next to a fresh carrot cake.
I thank my husband for reminding me of how much I enjoy fresh flowers.  I think flowers will be on my shopping list the rest of winter.Posted by Picasa

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