Mama Made By Choice

It's no secret that my little guy has definitive taste about his attire.  Just today, it took us 15 minutes of hat testing until we got the 'perfect' one.  To go where, you ask?  For a walk to see dump trucks.  I tried to convince him the dump truck drivers weren't picky, but he disagreed. know what makes this mama soooo happy?  When he chooses to wear something mama made, over everything else.  Lately, he's been wanting to wear this coat I made a while back.  He knows I made it too.  You can ask him "Who made your coat?" and he'll show you "mama".  I love this quote, from the book Knitting for Baby by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas: "When babies wear what we have made for them, they are wrapped in our love-safe, warm and protected".  It's like being snuggled in your mama's love all day long.  And when I see him wear what I lovingly made for him, my heart smiles. 
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  1. Funny how you should ask about last night I just cast on for my first project. We shall see how I do...



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