Spring Chicken Drawstring Backpack

I do realize I am writing to you about a spring backpack that I made in mid February in Maine...when it's 12 degrees outside, with a windchill measuring 5 below zero.  I am thinking spring.  Don't get me wrong, I love winter.  However, this year's hardened ice covered snow is no fun.  Winter either needs to give us a good Nor' Easter storm or just skip to spring.  When spring does arrive, we are prepared with a new little backpack (although we will continue to find uses for his other backpack that I made from daddy's khakis, that I love so much).  A perfect project to use up some scraps.

It's apparently perfect for picnics and it's a handy backpack for a fireman.

It's also good for adventures...to ward off any scary beasts.
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