The joy of tapping...

One thing we don't do is go on your typical dinner/movie date.  Even before having kids, our typical dates were on cross country skis or in our kayaks.  Our dates now are a let's go snowshoeing while the baby's sleeping on our back.  Or let's cook an elaborate meal and eat it all while the baby is sleeping.  Or let's slip outside while the baby is sleeping and tap trees.  If you'd ask either of us, we'd prefer it this way.  Real elaborate, I know...but it's what we enjoy.  We've never tapped trees before, but already, we're hooked. 

We likely have 50 maple trees immediately surrounding our property.  To my husband's relief, I suggested we start with just a few trees rather than going all out.

It's so awesome how the sap starts dripping as soon as the tree is tapped when the weather is right.
It's fun to see how much is collecting already!
Of course, we have helpers. One nosy dog.
And 10 chickens.

Home is sounding and looking more like spring with the tap tapping of the sap dripping and the snow melting.  Soon the perennials will be sprouting and the apple trees will be flowering. Of course, after the latest nor'easter.  How I love seasons!

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  1. We've done this for the last 4 years at our house! My little guy likes being involved this year. It's nice not having to pay for maple syrup!



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