The Hub of Our Home

We're an atypical modern day family.  The hub of our home is not around the TV (our only TV is in the basement...and it's not hooked up to cable).  Instead the hub is the kitchen.  My little helper will sometimes push a chair over to help (wrote about that here).  Sometimes he'll be in the sling, cooking close to his mama (love the ring sling with my growing baby bump). 

Sometimes he'll be in the arms of his daddy, with a spoon in hand.
Or sometimes, he'll just push over his toys and play right in the middle of it all.  Of course, jabbering away with his mama, who is busy creating close by.
(This is our thrifted $2.50 Melissa and Doug stacking toy that has been a favorite from 6 months and beyond.  It sits on an antique basket that was picked up at the antique haven: Brimfield Flea Market.)

I grew up without TV being a big part of my life too.  And the kitchen was the hub of my home.  As I was in the midst of making some bread and some fudgy oat bars (did you notice the mess in the background?), I gave my dad a call.  Guess what he was doing?  Making the very same bread I was making.  Three states away, yes.  But a tradition that continues, even with distance. 
I think we're quite happy continuing the tradition of the kitchen being the hub of our home.
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  1. I wish I could "like" this post! We canceled our cable when we found out I was pregnant and have not looked back. I think the kitchen is a great "hub" for a home and for a family.
    I found your blog through the craft board on TN and have been loving it. I also just noticed your list of books you've enjoyed as an SLP and mama. I'm an SLP too! Although I'm staying home with my 7 month old at the moment and plan to until he's a little older.

  2. He is just so cute!Since having Alana I just don't have the time to watch anything and at night I would rather sleep. If the kitchen was my hub though I would weigh a lot more then i do. I do love to bake and cook am excited to teach Alana about healthy eating habits. :)



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