Just Watching....

We were in a hurry...had to run in to grab the leash for our family walk.  Time sensitive because we had  to catch the train.  I've written before how important that train is. I came out with the leash, to a dog just waiting to go.  But where's the rest of the clan?  With the chickens, of course.  Thankfully my camera was right at the door for just a few pictures.
It's so fun to watch both of my guys enjoy the chickens.  My husband calls them "his girls" and sometimes visits them when he gets home after midnight.  My son talks about chickens all.the.time and can open just about any of our books with chickens in it to the to the chicken pages in a nanosecond.
Everyone needs a hug or two.  Even chickens, yes?
I'm not the only one who likes to watch what's going on outside.

But, I stop watching to prevent this little guy from terrorizing all the chickens in a confined space. 
Posted by PicasaThose chickens are thankful I intervened. Although someone was not happy about leaving the chickens, he was most thankful that we did make the train. 

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