Travel/Crib Sized Pillow, with Pillowcase

My little guy decided he loves pillows.  Except the one I gave him is too small.  He likes a full mama sized pillow, but it takes up half the crib!  Since this mama is too cheap to buy a smaller pillow, I improvised. 

Posted by PicasaI took a standard sized pillow we had and cut it in half.  I tucked in the open edges and top stitched the pillow closed.  It's the perfect travel sized pillow or crib sized pillow.

Next, a pillow case.  I used to mass produce covered pillow cases when I was a kid.  The rule I always used is measure the dimensions of the pillow and add an inch.  That's the perfect size to cover the pillow.  If you're going to make a pillowcase, add an extra 3-5 inches on one side. Stitch up the three sides.  Turn and hem the open edge. Easy! 

I added appliqued fish to the side.  I appliqued the old fashioned way...pressing the seams in.  I'm reminded why I don't do that too often.  I also embroidered little bubbles, look closely and you can see them.

I'm hoping since my little guy is into fish (which he signs with an open/closed mouth motion as he points to each fish in the fabric) that he'll be excited about sleeping on this pillow.  He has been thinking nighttime sleeping is unnecessary lately, maybe this will change his mind?  At least I get a few extra snuggles with a little guy who thinks sleeping is optional.  I do love snuggles. So good so far...

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