Five Little Ducks: Softies (FREE PATTERN)

My little guy is a fan of the 'Five Little Ducks' song and book.  You know the one:

Five little ducks went out one day. 
Over the hill and far away.
Mama duck said "Quack, quack, quack",
But only four little ducks came back.  (And so on...)

So I created a pattern to make some softies to go with the song.  They were made out of thrifted wool pants.

I added these to my  Naptime Song/Rhyme Bag .  It joins:

The Puppy Crinkle Toy for "How Much Is that Doggie in the Window"
Humpty Dumpty

Here's one flying solo.
And here they are in use.

And here's the PATTERN

All seam allowances included.  Making one of the pattern makes one duck.  You'll need to make the pattern 5 times to have all five ducks.   I made mine out of wool, but you can use cotton or felt.  Tweezers are really handy for turning the tiny pieces right side out. Enjoy the pattern, but please don't sell, thanks!  The extra template was what I used to make this...which you can make if you'd like.

1) Cut out all pieces per pattern.  

2) Applique eyes on duck body with embroider floss.

3) Sew belly to body, starting at the tail and curving around bottom.  Repeat for other side (You'll run out of fabric on the duck's neck, that's okay).  Sew two duck bodies together along neck first (merging from the belly piece), curving around head to tail.  Leave a gap at the tail for the stuffing.  Turn duck inside out, press.  Stuff.  Hand sew to close.

4) Sew two beaks to each other along sides, stuff.  Pin and sew on duck body, turning seams in.

5) Sew two wings together, leaving a gap to turn inside out. Turn inside out. Press, hand sew to close and sew on duck body (I didn't stuff these).  Repeat for other side.

6) Sew two feet together along sides and bottom, turn inside out.  Press, hand sew to close seams and sew on duck body (I didn't stuff these).  Repeat for other side.

I'd love to see your completed projects if you give it a try!

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