Mudroom Bench

We have had a problem with our entry for quite some time.  Shoes piled high behind our door.  Wet footsteps from the door across the room to the wicker set (an old roadside find/DIY project).  Now we keep adding little people...which a blessing, but it also means my annoyance with the mess is increasing.  

I have been looking for something that would fit perfect behind our door for quite sometime.  But, the dimensions are so specific that I haven't had any luck.  I was going to design something with the right dimensions, but to my luck, I found free plans to just what I was looking for here.  I was quite excited and shared my enthusiasm with my husband...who not so enthusiastically replied "Living with you is like living in a Lowe's commercial.  You always want to build something together".  Well, yes, I do!  He did end up helping, reluctantly. 

The pegs have been there since the 2nd year we lived here.  I was thinking of changing the color up, but you know...that would be a lot of work.  Especially since I made cushions, pillows, curtains, dog bed and have multiple things painted that color from a few years back.  I took the easy route and went the same color schema.  

I also can't decide how to finish it.  I don't know if I'll make some fabric baskets or leave it open.  I can't decide if I want to add something to the back...which I don't think I will if I add baskets, but may if I leave it open.  I'm open to suggestions. I do have most supplies to make a cushion for the bench, but I have not gotten to that yet.  

All in all, I am thrilled with how functional it will be, how it fits perfectly in that tight space and how it will hopefully be keeping our entry a bit more tidy.

And I'm also thrilled that it was a family evidenced by our little helper in these pictures: 

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