Striped Baby Hat (Free Pattern)

Does this unborn daughter of mine need *another* hat?  Why yes, I think she does.  Afterall, a tiny noggin in a mama made hat is just too precious to resist, don't you think?  It will likely be a matter of days before we meet her, I'm so close.  I cannot wait.

This hat is the same as this one and this one.  

I made a pattern from the first hat to make this one.  Which did I mention I love? 

Here's the pattern.
It's for tiny babies, for the first few months.
Seam allowance:  I used about a 3/8 inch seam allowance.
1) Cut four triangles for hat top.  Cut four half moons for hat brim.
2) Sew and finish four triangles together to make hat top.
3) Sew two half moons together to make a circle.  Do again so you have two circles.
4) With right sides together of two circles, stitch the widest edge of the circle together. Turn inside out, press and top stitch.  That will be the hat brim.
5) Place right sides of hat brim and hat top together.  Pin, easing around curves (lots of pins for this part, you may need to do some shimmying).  Stitch and finish seam.  Press.  I top stitched along upper edge of hat brim to keep seam down.
6) Embellish how you'd like.
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