Thrifted. Including handmades.

A bit over budget this time around....

Two books.
(Another) Baby hat. (I needed it, right?!).
A set of seven (why seven I wonder?) hand crocheted napkins that I love.
Puppy socks (which aren't nearly as exciting as the truck ones were, even though he loves puppies).
Three organizational racks.
And two hand hooked seat cushions.  I do love handmades!

All for eight bucks.  Yup, that's right...I'm over budget...but seriously...only $8. 

As my neighbor says, "You couldn't even buy the supplies to make that for eight bucks.  And he's right.

Here's a close up of those handmade napkins. 
And I think those hand hooked seat covers have just made our front porch a bit cozier.

I need to hear about your scores, as I don't think a lot of thrifting will be in my near future with two under the age of two. 
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