Living up these last few days...

Remember how I vowed to change my perspective yesterday and really enjoy these last few days before the baby comes?

Well, what I really felt like doing today in this humid heat (after I made banana bread and a tomato cucumber summer salad...and cleaned the house) was a whole lot of nothing.  But I planned ahead, packed a picnic (while my little guy packed his puppy on the leash) and decided to utilize the time today after our midwife appointment, as a family of three.  
We went to the Hamilton House, which I just love.


The guys of the household dug in.
And conveyed enthusiasm over what mama had packed.

And then this ready to go mama did lots of this:

While simultaneously watching the amazing bond between a boy and his father.

Giggles of amazement at dada's jokes.
Walking using the exact same poise.
Waving to mama who just sat and enjoyed the view.
Yes, it was quite grand getting to enjoy this time...making our last memories as a family of three, eagerly ready to start our adventures as a family of four.
Hope you're making some memories today, too.Posted by Picasa

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