Sometimes I feel like much of my time at home is cleaning up messes. Meal messes, cat hairballs, muddy boot tracks, chicken poop, dust bunnies, toy explosions, laundry mountains...well, you get the drift.  

Sometimes when someone wants to get messy, I start to redirect. For do I really need one more mess to tackle? 

But, sometimes, I stop and think.  Messy is good.  Good exploring. Good learning.  Awesome giggles.  Lots of fun.

Sometimes I stop in my tracks and find myself saying :
"Yes, you can march in that puddle". 
"Go ahead and roll in the garden...while wearing the tail your mama made you."  
"Sure, we can paint."  
"Let's do shaving cream".  
"Why yes, you can help me bake."
"Want to help me pot these flowers?"

Inevitably, the mess is often ginormous upon completion of the task.  One more mess for me to clean up that could have been avoided.  Something else to add to my to do list, that of course is never ending.

But....if I avoid the messes, I'd miss out on this:  
Some our greatest memories together occur while making a colossal mess.  

Sometimes, messes are good.
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  1. I totally agree, Jackie! I just think back to when I was little, and how much fun it was to get messy. Don't sweat the small stuff is my motto : )



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