Warm Weather Fun

This week, Maine weather isn't conducive to warm weather fun. But...last weekend was perfect weather for outdoor living.  Even though this weekend is rainy, it doesn't mean we can't remember and appreciate last weekend.  For those memories we made will last forever.
We enjoyed...

Pool Splashing.

Frisbee learning.

Flower planting.
Parade watching.

Garden planting.


And family time.
These rainy days help me slow down, remember and appreciate what we have in this little family of ours.  Life sure is grand!
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  1. Oh my goodness. That last picture with the tiger tail is my favorite. What a sweet heart!

    Also, the woods near you look beautiful. They remind me of the woods in France. So different from our Redwood forests in northern California. Both beautiful, but different.

    1. I so do love the tails, too! I do love the woods around us...just can't wait for those dragonflies to take care of the darn mosquitoes.



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