He wants to be just like us...

Something that really drives me nuts is when we're out an about and someone says "Wow, you must have your hands full".  I feel like saying instead, "No, I'm raising the biggest blessing I have ever received and I'm thoroughly enjoying it."  Of course, a kid is a kid...and it's not like he never gets himself into mischief and it's not like he never has tried out how well a tantrum would work on us.  But all in all, this journey into parenthood is filled with joy.

One personality trait that I find most amusing in our little guy is he wants to be just like us.  In everything he does. We have had zero need for any sort of gate or child safety contraptions in this house, as he's always right under our feet.  He rarely wanders off into the other room without us, and if he does, it's to retrieve something for us.  Now, it's not like we need to entertain him...he'll happily play with his toys while we're doing whatever we need to do.  But more often than not, he's trying to be just like us, trying to be one step ahead of us, guessing what we're going to do, "helping", while giving a detailed narrative. 

Most often if he gets into trouble, it's from being too helpful.  For example, independently guessing a cup of flour is needed while baking, to acquiring it and offering it, but accidentally spilling the whole cup on the floor in the process, to trying to wipe up the mess with a cloth napkin he retrieved for the job, to knowing the cloth napkin belongs in the laundry once soiled, to delivering that soiled napkin to the laundry.  Before we know it, there's flour spread across the entire kitchen, and our little guy, with a trail leading to the laundry room.   All of this right under our nose, as we're trying to retrieve a broom to clean up the job.

Now, I know I went on a tangent here.  What I really am trying to say is kids need to be celebrated!  The quirky messes they make, the trouble they get into, the mistakes they make.  It's all a celebration.  It's not about having our "hands full" as parents, it's delighting in the journey of raising children the best we can.  No two kids are the same...but each child's individuality needs to be celebrated.

So, I'm celebrating our little guy and his uniqueness.  I'm chuckling at how he wants to be just like us and the obstacles we face as he attempts just that.  And I'm smiling at this picture, case in point...as he's having his morning snack along with the paper.  Just like us.

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