The Best Daddy in the Whole World: 2012 Edition

This man that I married, he's pretty darn good.  He's kind, loving and very good to me. But, I do have a few areas that I'd like to tweak.  Such as his limited enthusiasm when I drag him into these projects of mine. How he can eat an entire batch of whatever dessert I make in an instant. How he's never in a hurry.  How he begins each morning with a broadway rendition of something random, when I just want to wake up with a few moments of silence. Plus, I don't want to touch his gross feet. Yes, there's a little room for improvement.

However, there's nothing I'd change about his parenting. I don't have anything negative to say about him as a dad.  It's because he's great at it.  He demonstrates the perfect balance between being consistent and letting go and having fun.  He takes pleasure in teaching his son, always willing to have a sidekick.  He leads by example and always seems to know just what to do. This says a lot given that he's in charge while I work.  His son loves him, looks up to him, admires him.  And because of this man, we likely have the only 21 month old kid in the world who regularly has experience and can demonstrate his accomplishment in doing push ups, squats, bench pressing and heavy bag work outs.

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world!  Here's last year's collection of daddy pictures and below is this year's collection.  We love you!


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