Zoo Fun

It's that time again this year, for our annual trip to our local zoo.  It's quaint and cute and has plenty of entertainment for my little zookeeper.  Here's our trip from 2011.  I told our little guy the night before that we were heading to the zoo the next day.  When he awoke, I asked him if he remembered where we were going.  His eyes got wide as he said "zoo". Of course we had to get decked in our giraffe shirt and our tiger tail.

It's always a good day, being together as a family.  Seeing the animals never gets tiring.

But, at the end of the day, this little tiger of mine spots flowers.
If he spots flowers, he automatically thinks of his mama.  For which he needs to spend an undetermined amount of time picking and sharing them. 
Not only with his mama, but his little sister too. 
It won't be long before this very large mama delivers a tiger cub for the big brother. 

I cherish the sweet memories we have and look forward to the ones we will make with both tiger cubs of ours.  I may need to make a 2nd tail.  Life is quite good.
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