A baby in a basket, (x2)

People say the pictures stop with your second one.  Well, those must be the babies who weren't born having the paparazzi as their mama.  Although I still have been taking oodles, the second time around is always after those big milestones.  With baby number one, I knew the three month mark was coming, so I planned accordingly and did a photo shoot that day.  With baby number two, I get around to the three month photo shoot 2 days late.  Better late than never, right?!  Here's our precious girl. She's cute in pictures, but her personality radiates in person.


And...just for fun, here's her brother's three month photos, in the same basket:

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  1. So beautiful. I don't know about paparazzi, but talented at photo composition, for sure. Seriously... And, now I want another little baby. I think I better go cuddle some goat kids or chicks until this feeling goes away!

    Sonja of http://lallybrochfarms.blogspot.com/



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