Upcycled Kid Underwear

I'm joining the Kids Craft Week Challenge.  Now you think I've really gone crazy.  But, yes, upcycled underwear.  From T shirts.

Due to our success with Elimination Communication , my little guy has gone on the potty regularly from 4 months on and been in underwear at home from 13 months on (which now you think I'm even crazier, but it's what people in other countries do who don't have access to diapers).  We bought one pack of underwear a while ago (the smallest size was huge on him then). I have no idea where all of his underwear went.  They must be somewhere around here, but I can't find them for the life of me. I decided to give making them a try because 1) I'm too cheap to buy another pack, 2) I wanted to brave sewing knits and 3) if our 3 month old baby girl keeps up her pottying, she'll need underwear sooner than later (from one week, she's gone on the potty from 30-70% of the time, depending on how attentive we can be on a given day.  She hasn't had a single day not going on the potty since the first week when I was learning her potty patterns).  Earth friendly, quick, useful and fun.  I know I'll be making more fun pairs!  Pattern is from here.  And don't report me for being crazy.


  1. Wow!! I knew you practiced EC with him but didn't realize how early it started or how successful it could be. When the time comes, prepare for me to have a few questions on how to do this because I want to try it with my hypothetical kid :)

  2. It's been easy and natural for all of us. Happy to answer any questions!



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