Stuck home.

We found ourselves "stuck" at home again this week.  Both cars are taking turns giving us trouble.  That's what we get for having older cars. But hey, at least they're paid for..that's what we always say.

Anyway, being without a car means we've had to be home.  I never mind having to be stuck at home.  I could be home for a week and still find plenty to keep me busy. Projects, housework, baking, cooking, gardening, reading, playing, photo shoots, out and about with the stroller and the list goes on.
 But, there's an added bonus I've discovered that I never really thought of before.  Being home means I'm with my kids and just my kids all day long.  I'm more in sync with them. I know what he wants or needs before he says anything. I can read her cues and signs before she even fusses. I know more of what he knows, what he doesn't know and what he wants to learn.  I know what she's interested in, what's overwhelming for her and when she want mama close.  As a bonus...he's had better behavior and has been remarkable cooperative and helpful.  She has been even more easygoing than her usual easy going self, she's been communicating her potty needs so clearly and has hardly needed diapers the last couple of days.
In this busy paced world, we don't do this enough.  Staying home is good.  Connecting with our kids is good.  Saying "no" in favor of unscheduled family time is good.  They're only little once.  There's no time like the present to soak it all in.

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