"Pick two".

I tell him, "It's time for nap, pick two books".

I find him with his "two" books.
Slightly more than two.  Obviously. 

I start to say, "Now, that's more than two.  Let's look and pick out just two.  Which ones do you like the best?"

But then, I think to myself, what's the hurry?  We have no where to be this afternoon.  So what if nap is delayed by 10-15 minutes?  Is the schedule more important than "us" time?

Suddenly, his vision of "two books" is much more attractive than mine.

He went down for his nap a bit later.  Best decision of the day. 

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  1. haha we have that in our house as well. For that, we don't read books before naptime anymore. In the morning and before bed. She picks out a ton of books and they are all very long. Takes us an easy hour even with limiting :)



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