Upcycled Pouches...GIVEAWAY!

Right now, I've been working so hard at talking myself out of thinking it's one of "those days".   Lately it seems like each day, there's an added bowling ball for me to juggle.  I can't even juggle in the first place, so it feels especially challenging to juggle things as heavy as bowling balls.  There's so much going on right now, some of which I'll be able to share with you soon, I hope.  There will always be that which I cannot control. I need to remind myself to make a conscious choice to go with the flow, be that calm, steady and loving mama and to not worry.  Easier said than done, right?!  I wanted to say that I am most grateful for you readers.  I so appreciate the encouraging, loving and supportive comments. I love when you share stories that parallel mine, I love to hear your new ideas and hearing you tried and enjoyed an idea I had. This journey into mamahood is splendid indeed, and it's even nicer having such awesome readers.

And so, I want to thank you.  With a GIVEAWAY!  The first one I've done since our sweet girl has arrived.

It's most easy to enter.  If you're a current reader, just share my blog (on facebook or with a pal) and let me know.  If you aren't a reader yet, join up on facebook, via email or blogger and let me know.

That's it.  Easy.  And you know the fab part?  I want the odds to be good that you will win.  There's nothing worse than a giveaway with a 1 in a million chances of winning.  Not here.  Odds of winning will be 1 in 8 or better depending on participation.

Are you dying to know what you'll win? Something upcycled.  A tiny pouch, such as this one.
 Perfect for many things. 

It can hold:
- a few dollars
- a tooth for the fairy
- an organizer in your purse (such as chapsticks or business cards)
- a couple crayons
- a few snacks
- some fit a gift card perfectly
- OR my fave...a pouch to hold notes. My mom gave me a pouch that she would randomly include in my lunchbox or hide under my pillow.  It would have a secret love note from her.  I always knew something special was hidden in there when I found my little pouch.

Really, it can be whatever you want it to be.   
Edges are finished with a serger.
  It clasps together with an upcycled snap from baby clothes. 
 I sort of, kind of, went (maybe) a little overboard with making these.  There's another dozen that I didn't photograph in addition to these.  Just couldn't fit them all in the camera lens.  I find them so fun, I couldn't stop making them!  If you're a winner, you will have your choice of color and you will receive some fun mail!

Remember, to enter the giveaway...

If you're a current reader, just share my blog (on facebook or with a pal) and let me know.  If you aren't a reader yet, join up on facebook, via email or blogger and let me know.

Odds of winning are 1 in 8 or better.

Hopefully you'll be a winner and be getting some fun mail soon.  Thank you, most kindly, for being one of my readers.  Go out and make it a great Monday!


  1. Shared! I don't think you can fit all of your stuff in those pouches. :) Shouldn't you be packing?

    1. Ahh, here's the comment. I'm much more productive crafting...

  2. Replies
    1. Sarah, you're a winner!!! Send me a message to let me know color and your address. :)

  3. Love them.... My mother in law is very interested for she loves sewing like you!

  4. So cute! I shared your blog on my facebook page... and I've pinned a ton of your ideas... in case you haven't figured it out Jackie, I'm in love with your blog :) We need to meet IRL!

    1. Aww, thanks! I agree a GTG needs to be in the works!

  5. I just *liked* on fbook. I LOVE the idea of having a special little pouch for notes. My daughter just turned one. I've been journaling to her since I was pregnant and I'd love to tuck some special love notes into this for her when she has to be away from me at school someday.

    1. Welcome!!! I'm impressed with your consistency with journaling. What a gift you're giving your sweet girl!

  6. Thank you all for sharing! I hope you're all winners. :)



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