Appliqued Name/Matching Game (Upcycled)

First of all, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY going on right now.  Something upcycled and stitched from me to you.
Onto the letters.  Now, letters is one of those things that I do not push.  But, when you have a two year old who loves to pick out "A for Adri" all over the place, I might as well follow his interest.  I decided to make the letter "A".  He loved it, brought it everywhere.  Even shared it with our cat

I got busy and made the rest of his name.
The letters and batting are scraps.  The back is a fleece baby blanket that I cut up.  Hand stitched.  Upcycled...just the way I like it.
But then, I thought how nice would it be to make a matching game.  So, I whipped up an appliqued mat of his name.  It matches his bedding, so when he's done matching, I'll hang it on the wall in his room.
You can do the same sort of concept with a lot less work.  Print out two sheets of paper with your kiddo's name on it.  Laminate one and use a placemat.  Cut the letters out of the other piece of paper, laminate.  Voila, a name matching game.  For a lot less work than what this crazy mama here did.  

But...He's a fan. Bless his heart, he's almost always a fan of what I make.  "Thank you, sweet mama!"  The extra work for something mama stitched is worth it, I'd say.

I'm quite happy with how it came out.  And I love that he loves it.



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