It's okay. Go ahead.

Every single day, I find myself *just about* ready to redirect when those little paws get close to the book shelf. You see, when those paws touch a book, they cannot just take one.  Every single book, yes, must come off the shelf.  It makes a ginormous mess. A mess x 3, as we have a filled book shelf on every level of our house. While I do make him clean up the mess, he cannot shelve the books without help. Some days I think that I'm soooo tired of cleaning up books that I'm going to make them off limits for the day.
But...the books aren't removed from the shelf out of malice.  They're removed one by one, most looked at page by page.  Some require mama to read.  Some are entertaining enough to read on his own.  Some are so good that he must share them with his sister (which she already has a strong love for books). Those books are most important (which is good, as this mama has hundreds of books for her babies...literally).

Yes, there's not a single book left on the shelf.  Yes, we have to step around books in the living room. Yes, there's piles of books all over our house.  Yes, I'm going to have to help you clean up the books one by one....again.

But go ahead, little ones.  Choose away.  Read all you want.  The mess is worth it.

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