Back into it...

So long maternity leave, back to work.  Although I genuinely like what I do for work, I'll never get used to saying goodbye to my babies. Although I was fine once I got to work, I never got used to leaving one, I don't think I'll ever get used to leaving two.  But, I can't concentrate on that.  Instead, I'm counting my blessings.
Blessings...I have oodles of them!

First of all, I leave my kids in the best care possible...their dad.  We've been fortunate to work opposite shifts so we never have had to have daycare.  He is a-maz-ing with them.  Seriously, he's great.  They're well cared for, fed, changed, they have fun and he teaches them so much.  Having his kids to himself really strengthens their bond, too.

I'm thankful to do the work I do.  I have a skill set (as a speech-language pathologist) that others need.  Each and everyday I go to work, I help kids be the best they can be.  I have many little friends with remarkable parents who are so dear and special to me and have made remarkable improvements. My heart fills with joy when each new milestone is reached with success.

I'm thankful for where I work, around the corner from my home, for a great hospital.  I've been there 6 years now, and they've graciously supported me to reduce my hours from more than full time to part time (two full days and a part day).  Plus, my co-workers are more than co-workers.  They're my friends.

Any mama knows that the transition back will not be an easy one, for mama in particular.  But, when I focus on my blessings, I can't help but smile.  My cup really does overflow. 
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