Appliqued Spider Shirt (Free Template)

What?!  No Halloween shirt for my two year old?!  A thrifted $1.00 GAP striped shirt and a bit of imagination...voila!
Best part is it can be worn year round, as a spider doesn't need to be for Halloween. If you want to make it  yourself,   The Template is here.    For the arms and legs, I found it was easier to cut a long 1/2 inch strip and bend and place the legs where needed fit, trimming the desired length.
Here it is on my little model.

When I gave it to him, he checked it out and said "Ooo, Adri SO cute!  Adri snazzy".  He used to say he looked delicious.  Now 'snazzy' is his word of choice to described his favorite apparel.  This kid is one of a kind.

A new shirt inspires a dance party, of course. 
What?  You didn't know the Itsy Bitsy Spider had a dance beat?
There's a lot this kid can teach you.

Ohh, to have that energy.  Happy Monday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool! Although a little creepy a the same time. He sure seems thrilled by it!

    Also, it's hilarious to me to hear you of all people say "oh to have that energy." I think you do, you just channel it different't than Adrian. :)



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