Upcycled Fall Tree Craft

I sometimes find the debate on whether or not it's good to have planned craft projects for kids interesting.  Obviously the kid projects based on a model are cute as cute can be. They often work on following directions, which the therapist side of me likes.  But some say they squelch creativity and sometimes the projects are done more by the adults than the kids.

When I was a kid, I loved loved loved project time (big surprise).  I loved when a model was set out for inspiration and I could put my own spin on it.  I also loved art time without rules too. As a mama, I go along with a hybrid.  We have plenty of crafting times without an agenda, but my little guy also enjoys projects. 

Now...I wanted to share a tip on what I've done as a therapist and will continue to do as a mama.  I get an idea for a crafty project.  Whip up a model.  I then prep enough for a dozen or so.  I let creativity flow, as many are created as wanted, and then store the extras away for next year.  The prep ahead of time means there's more chances for creativity and less work from me.  During a busy week, it's nice to pull out a file folder from last year and boom...there's a project you don't even have to prep for. 

This fall tree is an activity that my mom did with me when we were kids.  Upcycled, just the way I like it.

I free handed a tree on a paper bag and cut it out to paste on plain paper.  (I included the template in case you would rather not draw your own tree). Template here.

The leaves are tissue paper left over from a gift.  Tear, crumple and glue. 

A great fall project.Even for a two year old.


As an added bonus, it will be fun to see how his tree from this year and next year differ.

I'm guessing there will be more kid crafting ideas coming up now that my oldest is more able.  Unsure of whether to blog about kid crafting ideas or not.  Thoughts?  Feedback is appreciated!



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