A bit of a diversion.

I can't pretend I have anything together lately.  Both houses are a wreck.  We have half completed DIY projects dispersed in random places.  The areas I *thought* were clean now have sat long enough that they need to be cleaned again.  There's sawdust covering everything.  There's piles of dishes, laundry and boxes that were just moved.  It's an utter disaster.  Our to do list is a mile long.  And that's not an exaggeration.  I shift between repeating to myself "It's okay, it's temporary, it will all come together" to thinking "Oh my gosh, this is sooo stressful".  

There was a time this week when that list was ignored.  I bought a bouquet of flowers.  A frivolous purchase, perhaps.   Instead of completing what I set out to do, I carefully placed flowers in nooks around the house and collected various things I (somehow) found around them.  Although the to do list isn't shorter, there are tiny areas amongst the mess that tell me of what this place will be.  Cozy, settled, comfortable, calming.  Not just a house, our home.  We'll get there, I'm sure of it. 


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